In the season where we are, the information age is accelerating towards its zenith (defined as the highest point in heaven reached by a celestial body), culminating in a new sphere of artificial intelligence (AI) with the development of chatbots, etc.

The Church, as an eschatological body, should actually be defining and declaring the age we are living in to society. There is a prophetic mandate resting upon the Church, and many are sensing in visions and dreams, even in the still small voice of their spirit, that these are unusual times we are living in. There is a demand from both heaven and earth that God’s voice be discerned accurately and interpreted precisely by the prophets God is raising for these times.

God is desiring in these times to train and build a prophetic community that will step up to be His voice on earth, and Bangalore City has been tapped for such an assignment. Bangalore has always been a strategic city globally and at national level for India. In the Spirit dimensions, God has strategically earmarked this city to identify, train, and release prophets into their respective spheres of influence for city and national transformation.

In the school of the Spirit, the training will be aimed at building a Naioth (1 Sam 19:18–20; 20–21), a strategic location for Prophet Samuel to train a community of prophets. Naioth was such a place of prophetic impartation that when Saul was pursuing David, he found himself coming under the prophetic grace of the mantle that was on Prophet Samuel and became infused with the flow of the prophetic community. Saul’s prophecy carried the weight of a prophet, even though he was not called into the office. Naioth, demonstrably, is a place of activation for the prophetic and the supernatural, as well as addressing character issues and flaws that impair the flow of prophecy and the effectiveness of the prophet.

Naioth is a place of transformation. Every growing Christian and others who are called into the Prophetic ministry heartcry is to see their life transformed to fulfill their respective mandate. The School of the Spirit wants to partner , equip, train and facilitate such a community.

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