5 Key Prophetic Insights for the Nation of India.

Here are 5 Important prophetic insights the Holy Spirit Spoke to me earlier this year for the Nation of India which we will see unfold in the next several years. The Lord is extending His sceptre of Authority to His Ekklesia in India to rise up in the Spirit of prayer & Intercession and make Prophetic decrees which will challenge principalities and powers and bring about significant shifts in our nation in the next several years.
We must learn to see Prophetic Words as weapons of warfare, I would encourage you to take these 5 Key Prophetic insights I have shared for our nation and begin to pray, intercede and wage war for the Purposes of God to unfold over our nation in the next several years.

5 Key Prophetic Insights for the Nation of India.

1) The next five years are going to be the most important and critical five years for the nation of India. This is not the time for the church to become discouraged or fearful because God is ready to demonstrate His Powerand Authority by His Spirit that will sweep across India that cannot be challenged by any principalities or powers

2) In this tidal move of God, the eyes of the Global Church and even the secular media landscape will be riveted to the Church in India as it will be an unparalleled move resulting in rapid growth of Christianity in the nation . The phenomenal power n growth will be so God-charged and led that The Church must Prepare for aggressive and rapid advancement of the King and His Kingdom in India.

3) This will be the Kairos moment for the Church as she will be given the space and opportunity to represent herself in the government to be a Voice during an uncertain time that the nation will go through. I see a crises at the door and Christ must be revealed through the Church in this Crises.

4)It is going to be imperative for All Christian leaders and 5 fold ministers to cultivate a Kingdom spirit and function in the spirit of oneness and unity unlike any other time. In this unity move God will pour out his New wine upon His Church. There is will be an acceleration in Signs ,wonders and miracles in what God is about to do through His Church Which will bring forth a great harvest into the Kingdom in the next 5-10 years.

5)God has not forgotten the blood of the martyrs shed for the sake of the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Nation of India. Their blood is always speaking and India is powerfully represented in the throne room of God. Everything has taken place under the all-seeing eye of God, and He has promised to restore all that our adversary has ruined. The God of Perfect Justice requires it both in this life and the one to come. These saints have received their martyr’s reward and crown in eternity. Their spiritual seeds will now result in God giving the most outstanding deposit of grace ever demonstrated for India. THE TIME IS NOW!!